Laxmipati Sarees

Today, Shri Govind Sarawagi has become a well established renowned name in the famous Textile Market of Asia. With his hard work, honesty, determination and true duty sense, he has expanded his business beyond India , in foreign countries and proved with a symbolic recognition that:

                                                                           “Where there is strong light of Manlihood,
                                                                                 Exists there a stream of advanced life.”

“Laxmipati Sarees” is a brand name today. Fully confident with closed eyes, when businessmen exhibit this brand in their shops, then with the same confidence, customers also take away this brand product sarees to their house.

In 1984 ,with the assistance of three employees Shri Govindji Sarawagi took a shop on rent in Surat Textile Market and started his dream textile business. For two years Shri Sarawagi himself expanded the business. Following the Indian tradition Shri Sanjay Sarawagi, the eldest son of Shri Govindji started contributing the work of his father in 1986. Before stepping into this field, Shri Sanjay gained full experience in weaving field. Thereby with his interest and experience the business started progressing. This progress advanced by leaps and bounds. At the same time during 1991, Shri Govindji and Shri Sanjay Sarawagi purchased their first shop in the renowned J. J Market of the city. After all, own is own. After starting business here; it continued advancing ahead. Now it was double the business of 1986. Visualising the increasing work.

Second son Shri Manoj Sarawagi also decided to shoulder the familial. responsibility. Before joining the business Shri Manoj gained vast experience in the market field. This experience of Shri Manoj increased the sale of Laxmipati Sarees three times. There is a saying, “Unity is Power”. Therefore with the unity and best cooperation of both sons, Shri Govind Sarawagi gave a brand name to “Laxmipati Sarees”. Here also came in use the vast experience of Shri Manoj. Before the entrance of Shri Manoj in the industry, a set of six sarees were being sold to the traders in Surat Textile Market. But, based on his own experience Shri Manoj started tradition of selling set of four sarees, which was highly popularised. In textile market this change was liked very much.This has  changed the working style of whole textile market.

During this period, the company placed the Kaddak Synthetic Sarees in the market by giving look of Banarsi Sarees. This change has highly rewarded the company and proved revolutionary milestone in the business.

With the increase in business, the company tried to mould the market according to the demand and fashion of the consumer. Through hot processing system the company brought Khadi Print sarees to the market, which became much popular amongst the consumers. This had resulted in making Laxmipati, the Monarch in Khadi Print Sarees.

In Fancy Sarees range, Laxmipati sold single matching instead of four matching, thereby ending compulsion of buying set of sarees by the retailers. The company is having its own sale counters along with best wholesalers in all major cities of India . Like this, in whole India , Company is having Forty counters, where company’s salesmen display the sarees.  Shri Rakesh Sarawagi, the youngest son of Shri Govindji, after gaining good experience in sales and computer, also stepped into the business in 1994, for fulfilling the advanced needs of the company with modern equipments and computer technique, thereby modernising the company.  Whatsoever is being nicely managed today is because of the determination, hard work and efficiency of 3 sons.

There will not be any exaggeration about them, if it is said;-

                                                    “What can’t be done, if man works hard.
                                                                       What can’t be solved, if he works hard.”

All workers of the company extend their fullest cooperation in all fields to Shri Govindji and his three sons. Father Govindji is now fully devoted to social work service, hence all burden is now on three young shoulders and these young shoulders are fully determined to establish Laxmipati Sarees in the entire world. Exports With the increasing popularity of Laxmipati Sarees in India , their demand has also increased in foreign markets. Keeping in view the demand in foreign market and for making the business globalised, The company started its export activities in 2002, under the charge of Shri Rakesh Sarawagi, the youngest son of Shri Govindji.

Today, “Laxmipati Sarees” brand is not only popular in India, but also in Dubai , Malaysia , London , Pakistan , Bangladesh and Singapore  Efforts are being made to export and sell under the brand “Laxmipati”. To manage the foreign business, Shri Rakesh Sarawagi stays in foreign countries for maximum months in a year.


“Laxmipati Sarees” are so popular today that to maintain its popularity, prestige and to provide high quality goods to the customers, the company has started its own laboratory where full test of cloth is carried out. Thereafter the same is despatched to the market. In addition company’s Purchasing, Packing, Sales and Designing departments are also systematically working.


Service, thy name is Govindji. In 1984, when he stepped in Textile business, there was only one idea in mind, that whatsoever.I will earn, a part thereof will be spent Social Service. It is said that when a man starts any work with right spirit,than he is also rewarded nicely. With the increase in business, others also joined him. Young sons have managed the business nicely. Putting all responsibilities on the shoulders of his sons, he engaged himself in Social Service work.

Nowadays, Govindji is engaged in biggest social work through the hospital being run by Siddhi Vinanyak Charitable Trust in famous J.J. Market of Surat . He spent his maximum time in the development of this Hospital, where medical tests are done with minimum charge, i.e., Rs.5/-. In this Hospital there are able and experienced Doctors in addition to its own laboratory. Along with this, he is also the Trustee of the reputed Mahavir Cardiac Hospital , which was built with crores of rupees, where Govindji is offering his – physical, mental and monetary services. In addition, he has extended necessary contribution in the development of Surat .

For the development of Surat , he has given his fullest cooperation towards construction of Grand gate to beautify the textile market. Not only this, he is also not lacking behind in education field. He is the chairman of prestigious and famous Agarwal Vidya Vihar and for the advancement of Vidyalaya, he is extending all types of cooperation. Along with social and educational works, he keeps himself busy in religious works also. For him, “Service” is all in all. This is his target.